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[Tutorial] How to uvw map.

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[Tutorial] How to uvw map.

Post  WeeD on Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:58 am

Well lately I've had a lot of people asking me how to uvw map exactly, so I decided to make a tutorial about the basics of
uvw mapping using Unwrap UVW. This is slightly more advanced than Tummy's ''How to attach objects to peds in
3ds Max '' So it is highly recommended to follow that tutorial before this one to get a hand with the program. Programs
I'll mainly be using are Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk 3d's Max. I'll make a video part of the tutorial too, but tomorrow.

I'll be using Sweet for this tutorial.
STEP 1: To start off, if you look at Sweet's texture, you can see that there's only one side of the shirt.

STEP 2 Cut out the shirt.

STEP 3 Make a new sheet(I used 512x256 dimensions) with a black background and paste your shirt on

it. Duplicate the layer by ctrl + j and fit the two shirts on the sheet like so:

Recommended:To see the lines better i'd recommend selecting the outline's of the shirt and then adding a a white stroke.

STEP 4 Add a logo or whatever you want on the shirt, if not just keep it as is. My result:

STEP 5 Now as we have the textures we're gonna open up 3ds max and import the sweet.dff.
STEP 6 Select the whole shirt with element or polygon.

STEP 7 Press 'M' and apply the shirt texture you made to the selected bodypart(Shirt). Should look
something like this:

STEP 8 Rotate the ped to the side and hold down alt and deselect either the front or the back half of the shirt, i decided to deselect the front part and start with the back.

STEP 9 Open up the modifiers list and choose Unwrap UVW, then click on edit.

The next four pictures tell enough here, if not ask for more in a comment below.
STEP 14 Okay, now that the back of the shirt is done, lets move along and select the front of the shirt.

]STEP 15 Now follow steps 9 to 13 again, except now put the mapping on the left part of the texture, like this:

STEP 16 Current progress looks like the picture below. And as you can see the logo kind of looks distorted, but not to worry ! You can edit the polygons and make the logo look okay again. Showing you in the next step.

STEP 17 Now check the pictures below closely and see how I move the polygons and how the picture in the background edits.

The other side now.

And now the top.

Now collapse it again, like this:

STEP 18 Now your shirt is uvw mapped with two sides and the logo is fixed. Now you have to export the .dff. Current progress below.

STEP 19 Export and open up txd workshop.

Now open up txd worshop and open sweet.txd and then press ctrl + insert, making a duplicate of the current layer.

STEP 20 Now go to file and click on 'dff check'

Choose the .dff edited, in this case mine is sweet.dff

It now shows the texture names that are used on the dff in the up-left box and the texture names on the .txd in the up-right box.(Alpha layers go in the bottom boxes)

Close the box and on the duplicate layers go to properties and name it to the file name you used for the shirt(it shows it in the dff check). In my case it would be 'shirt done', so I'm renaming my duplicate layer to that.

STEP 21 Import your texture onto the duplicate layer. Dff check again and see if the names match.

As mine do, I'm going to save and gonna see how the skin is ingame.


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Re: [Tutorial] How to uvw map.

Post  Azzak on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:03 pm

I will put this to good use Razz


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